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"It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad."


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Friends and tiramisu

When I went to college, I went to a very small school, and I made a lot of friends. An astonishing number of the type of friends you run to hug when you see them again after a long time. It's special, and I know it, so I'm grateful.

One of my good friends, one of the few that live Far Away, came for a visit this past weekend. We managed to squeeze in a coffee date. We ate some delicious--and beautifully presented--tiramisu, drank iced lattes with foam on them (have you ever had an iced latte with foam??) and generally had an utterly delightful time catching up on each other's lives.

untitled shoot-2315.jpg
Why yes, the tiramisu does have a fantastic chocolate handle.

I learned about probate, she learned about horses.

untitled shoot-2313.jpg
See? Foam!
She pointed out that we've been friends for 10 years.

Wow. How is that possible?

It feels like yesterday that we met because she was casting for the film club's first feature project (she was casting, I was auditioning).

At the same time, so much has happened in the last 10 years! We've changed. We've grown. Because that's what you do.

And it's good.

untitled shoot-2316.jpg

Friday, May 22, 2015

clipped wings

Well. I did it. My first broken bone. My first thought once I was sure it was broken (which only took a couple seconds) was the sinking reality that I can't ride.

That said, Midas was not involved at all in this broken foot. I rolled it while pursuing martial arts--my other dangerous hobby. But the poor horse will certainly suffer for it. I had such plans! We were off to such a start this year...my lard-tub draft was going to have a merry summer of galloping and jumping and learning to wait.

While waiting for a prognosis at the urgent care I got so far as calculating how to get on and ride without stirrups, and then I got stuck figuring out dismounting. Then I realized that Zorro would have a fit if I got a horse with a broken foot.

Per the specialist, I'm grounded for probably a huge chunk of the summer. At least 6 weeks with no weight on the foot at all, and we'll see after that. I have no idea what to expect. I've never done this before. For all I know, I won't get to ride at all until August, which feels an eternity away.

I know I'm not the first equestrian to break a foot, but it still feels like an enormous set back. At this point I can't even really work with the horse much on the ground.

I'm hoping to still get out there regularly with the Ham, and maybe another friend, to keep Midas in work.

And I guess I'll read that horse training book I've been meaning to read. I'm hoping it will help address his mounting block issues.

I made it out to the barn for the first time since the break. Also the first time since traveling for two weeks. Poor horse was completely freaked out by the crutches. It took a little while of me standing around talking to him for him to believe it was me, and not some cyborg sent to eat him. Some patient waiting and he did come to me, eyes wide.

I sat on the mounting block while the Ham groomed him. Midas edged closer as the Ham and I chatted, till he just stuck his nose in my face and let me pat him.  After just hanging out together next to the crutches for 15 or so minutes, he didn't care anymore about me using them to get around. I guess we established that it really is me, I'm just injured.

Though once he was loose in his stall again he gave the crutches big eyed looks, but nothing like the "holy heaven what is THAT?" reaction I got when I crutched up the driveway into the saddle paddock.

I am mourning what could have been, while trying to make the best of what is. Without being stupid about it. Oy. This is not how I expected the summer to go.

untitled shoot-2056.jpg

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Oklahoma part 2

The zoo gets its own post. Because I take lots of pictures at zoos.

I love zoos and nature preserves and aquariums...pretty much anywhere I can go and see animals.

untitled shoot-2148.jpg

So we went, even with all those dark clouds looming. It was warmish, and a pleasant enough day to be caught in the rain, so we didn't mind the possibility.

I spent a few moments snatching pictures of this black bird close to the entrance. He was singing, and quite lovely (and close!). I might have a new blog header....we'll see.

untitled shoot-2149.jpg

Most of the indoor pictures didn't come out all that great--lighting plus screens or bars....meh. But here are some Kuckoos!

untitled shoot-2165.jpg

They have an Andean Condor. I was within 8 feet or so of this enormous bird. He was amiable enough, took kindly to being called beautiful and lifted his head so I could get a picture.

untitled shoot-2175.jpg

This is me, bonding with the Condor. This picture makes him look so far away!

untitled shoot-2176.jpg

A black rhino...extremely rare creature:

untitled shoot-2178.jpg

Aaand a baby rhino!

untitled shoot-2179.jpg

The lion enclosure was built for them,not us.So they sat at the top of their hill and looked down on us. Very stately.

untitled shoot-2182.jpg

This, though, is where the tiger used to be. all those broken bamboo...she escaped the week prior. They are still going over her enclosure (adding electric fence) I don't think she's been out since that exciting day!

untitled shoot-2183.jpg

Also loose in the zoo--bunnies!

untitled shoot-2191.jpg

The ocelots were just frantic--pacing like...caged...cats... They were making me nervous. Must've been the coming rain.

untitled shoot-2204.jpg

The rain hit pretty hard right about when we got to the ape house. There was a weeks-old baby gorilla, which we only glimpsed before the mother moved away from our prying eyes.

untitled shoot-2217.jpg

The big silverback, on the other hand, was more than happy to sit and eat his greens with us.

untitled shoot-2220.jpg

The chimps, too, were fascinated by Zorro's one year old nephew. The chimp in this picture watched him eating dinner for a while before gathering some food to come eat with him.

untitled shoot-2227.jpg

We got thoroughly drenched on our way to see the elephants, but we knew they had a baby elephant, too. So wanted to get out there.

untitled shoot-2234.jpg

So, the young thing in the picture is not actually the baby elephant. I couldn't get a good angle on the infant. But there was one! Sound asleep in the corner with its dam.

untitled shoot-2236.jpg

untitled shoot-2239.jpg

It was really raining by this point. Almost all the animals were in. Sensible creatures that they are!

untitled shoot-2247.jpg

untitled shoot-2249.jpg

But we marched on. No coats, just one umbrella.

untitled shoot-2250.jpg

And plenty of evil laughter practice:

untitled shoot-2253.jpg

untitled shoot-2256.jpg

We stopped under a pavilion during a particularly strong cloudburst. We saw almost no other people on this visit! Just a few here and there, and by this point in the trip, only zoo staff!

untitled shoot-2257.jpg

All wet:

untitled shoot-2259.jpg

At this point we were still trying to see everything--we certainly got to see how different animals felt about rain!

untitled shoot-2269.jpg

The last building we went into was the nocturnal building. It was small--predictably hard to take pictures--they had several beautiful owls and some creepy crawlies...but mostly, they had a large enclosure for bats.

What you can't see in this picture is that there is a cloud of bats swirling and churning like a scene from Batman. All going everywhere, and fast, but without colliding. You can sort of see them mobbing the trays of fruit.

untitled shoot-2277.jpg

So, most of the remaining animals were inside, or looked like they wanted to be. But the grizzlies were outside, and looked like they didn't even know it was raining.

untitled shoot-2286.jpg

untitled shoot-2292.jpg

untitled shoot-2293.jpg

Here we are walking out. The rain was still coming down fairly hard--though not the hardest it had been. We were all so wet it didn't matter anyway. But fun was had. Memories were made.

untitled shoot-2294.jpg

And the day ended with burritos at Free Birds in OKC.

untitled shoot-2295.jpg

Monday, May 18, 2015

WPG - sense of hearing


This picture. Described with only the sense of hearing.

Note: This is another product of the writing roulette game. I couldn't find the exact picture I was using online. It was in a National Geographic photography book. It involved cows and huuuuge power lines overhead. It was black and white and very striking.


I had been asleep a moment ago. I didn't want to open my eyes, so I listened. I could hear the cows in the field outside my window. They shuffled and moo'd occasionally. They were not distressed. The hum of the high voltage wires buzzed above me. I only heard it when I listened for it these days. It was constant, unobtrusive, unimportant to daily life. Then a thunderous crack split my eardrums. Murdering my heightened senses. Oh. Is that what woke me? In the eerie stillness of windless night, a lightning storm had come.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Oklahoma part 1

Where the sun shines underneath the trees:

I just returned from back to back work trips--it was exhausting! But I got to see a lot of family, and they were very good trips.

untitled shoot-2091.jpg

The best part, was the Zorro was able to come with me to Oklahoma this year! It is so much nicer to travel with him than to travel alone! We were even able to go see Age of Ultron together with some friends on opening night--booyah!

We went at the theater in Bricktown, in OKC. I must say, that theater was huge. The seats were nice, too. Also, the Marble Slab--the ice cream place next door--is what Coldstone Creamery should be. Same concept, but homemade ice cream. Oh, it was so good.

untitled shoot-2089.jpg

We also got to have a small bonfire at my sister-in-law's one night. It was a gorgeous nice, and a beautiful little fire.

untitled shoot-2095.jpg

We took a drive to see Guthrie, which was the territorial capital of OK, and has never gotten over losing the state seal to OKC when OK became a state. It's like the town froze in the early 1900's. Which is really uncanny--the architecture is what I'm used to seeing on the east coast, but the streets are freakishly wide.

I mean, look, you could drive 5 cars abreast on that road.

untitled shoot-2100.jpg

Really beautiful buildings, though.

untitled shoot-2101.jpg

We found the Stable restaurant by happy accident. If you ever find yourself in Guthrie, stop here for lunch. Get BBQ.

untitled shoot-2106.jpg

Generous portions, tasty food!

untitled shoot-2108.jpg

We also found a coffee and chocolate shop--a very cute hipster joint with a large assortment of chocolate and some very good coffee.

untitled shoot-2112.jpg
baby approves

untitled shoot-2111.jpg

untitled shoot-2110.jpg

untitled shoot-2113.jpg

I got that tasty mocha for the next long drive--this one to see my brother and his family!

Zorro and I will never get used to this vista. You can see forever. It's uncanny.

untitled shoot-2115.jpg

The weather was kind enough while we were there that there was much playing outside!

untitled shoot-2116.jpg

I seized the chance to practice taking candids:

untitled shoot-2119.jpg

untitled shoot-2122.jpg

untitled shoot-2123.jpg

untitled shoot-2124.jpg

untitled shoot-2126.jpg

untitled shoot-2128.jpg

untitled shoot-2133.jpg

untitled shoot-2137.jpg

untitled shoot-2140.jpg

I think we played 3 new games, plus several rounds of Mario Kart with the kids--all my practice slaying orcs with Zorro has paid off. I'm better at Mario Kart than I used to be. However I kept losing at the last minute--losing spectacularly. I guess I need to practice some more.

untitled shoot-2143.jpg

My brother took us to a new pizza place in town. It's one of those build your own pizza places in the style of Chipotle--they have dough spread already, then you chose your sauces and toppings. At this place, you could get as many toppings as you wanted. It was pretty amazing. Plus, look at that fiery oven!

untitled shoot-2145.jpg

untitled shoot-2146.jpg

It was extremely good pizza. I wish much success on that little restaurant.

untitled shoot-2147.jpg

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